The Salad Strategy: How to keep salads interesting

I’ll be the first to admit, i’m in a salad rut. As you can tell from other blogs I’ve posted, I’m not the most healthy eater, although from time to time I do try to eat more salads, but i’m generally not too creative with them. I find myself defaulting to lettuce, rocket, mini tomatoes, cucumber, feta, mozarella and avocado. I need to shake it up a bit.

After reading this post on breaking comfort zones from Melanie Chisnall (go check out her blog by the way!), I felt totally inspired to make a healthy weekly menu. As we’re heading in to Summer, we tend to gravitate towards lighter food, so I want to try make salads interesting for us. I quickly consulted some of my favourite cookbooks, and recall seeing a few ‘build a salad’ ideas from ‘A Modern Way to Eat‘ by Anna Jones, as well as in ‘Ministry of Food‘ by Jamie Oliver. The result? I put my own spin on this and have created this salad strategy to help keep things fresh!


The Salad Strategy

Create your own delicious salad in these six easy steps:

  1. Choose your base.
  2. Add some leafy herbs.
  3. Add some veggies to keep it healthy – try to use seasonal veggies to help the budget and try different methods of preparing them: steam, fry, roast, boil etc.
  4. Add some flavour.
  5. Add some crunch for texture.
  6. Dress your salad with your favourite dressing.
Note: the above chart is merely a guideline, obviously there are more ingredients than what I’ve listed, go wild!



Here are a few suggestions I think will be superb:

  • Lettuce, roasted butternut, feta cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds, rocket, balsamic vinegar (this would also be epic with quinoa or cous cous instead of lettuce!)
  • Spinach, basil, avocados, strawberries, walnuts, olive oil & honey
  • Watercress, basil, red onions, caramelised figs, goat’s cheese, toasted hazelnuts, balsamic vinegar
  • Pasta shells, dill, peas, corn on the cob, tuna, cheddar cheese, toasted seeds, mayonnaise
  • Baby potatoes, parsley, garlic, egg, bacon, onions, anchovies, mayonnaise

I hope you’ve found this useful, I’ve printed this and keep this on our fridge for daily inspiration.

Click here to download the Salad Strategy PDF.

Let me know your favourite combinations!

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  1. Wow! I never even thought about salads like this — what a cool idea! Will def give it a go this summer… perfect supper when it’s too hot to cook. 🙂 Thank you so much for the mention! xx

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