Photo of the day for 365 days

This is a project that I am so excited to share! A peek into our second year of marriage. As you may know, the first wedding anniversary gift, should be one of paper. My amazing hubby (also known as Moo) wrote me a beautiful letter, and directed me to find my gift. A very thoughtful gift at that: an empty book, to be filled with a photo and entry for each day, for a year.

Photo of The Day

To be honest, I have surprised myself at completing this… But truth be told, I formed a new habit. A wonderful habit. Each day to take a photo of the moment that made my day, to find the highlight of my day, and document it. It’s something I still find myself doing –  I caught myself yesterday thinking, ‘Oh! I have to take photo of the day!’ and then realised the project is complete.

Highlights typically include family moments, outings with friends, food, bake club sessions, summer days, my hounds, work events, fun new purchases – anything that made me smile for that day.

Photo of The Day Book

So here it is folks! A peek into our daily life for a whole year. Just a heads up – there’s a lot of food photos in the book – but you already know that food makes me happy!

Thank you to my family and friends who would have to pause quickly and smile for photo of the day, it means that you made my day to make it in the book.

Thank you Moo, for this awesome gift and for just being so wonderfully you. To a hundred more anniversaries together.

Until the next post, au revoir!

P.S. The Photo of the day book was purchased at Typo, and photos were printed by the fabulous Nifty250.


  1. This is so special! 💕 You will always have something to look back on many years from now! This is really an inspiration for so many people. ❤️

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