Another food blog…

For quite some time now, I’ve played with the idea of a food blog… Well, not just a food blog: a blog about things that I like to create, with a focus on those in the kitchen.

What tends to happen, is I over-think it. I think that the design has to be incredible, and make use of the latest design trends (because by day, that’s what I do), and be minimalistically beautiful with colours that reflect my personality, and the design should have perfect typography – a balance of serif and sans-serif fonts that work in harmony…. And and and…. then I can never settle on a layout and I postpone and as a result, never get to it. Which is weird – because generally I’m quite a decisive person. But alas – here we are. I have made my peace with a standard template for now, with hopes to update it sometime in the near future. I figured the best place to start, is by step 1. My first post.

Another reason why I’ve delayed this for so long, is simply because of how overcrowded the Internet is. What’s the use of ANOTHER foodie inspired blog in the cyber-sphere? Would anyone read my blog? I don’t know, but I’ve decided to do this anyway – to document my adventures in cooking (and baking) and to share recipes and thoughts with anyone who may be interested.

What can you expect from this food blog?

I anticipate many posts to be kitchen-related. I like to think of myself as a creative though, so there may be other topics from time to time, but I vow to try and keep any and all information useful!


Kitchen-related is a pretty broad topic I know, but inevitably it means cooking or baking related. In my family, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and where we all end up talking, and laughing. I started venturing in baking in my early twenties, and with each delicious pudding I became more intrigued and wanted to learn more – which led me to cooking. I love experimenting and I’m continuously learning which is one of the things I love about gastronomy. The feeling of accomplishment after a long day of chopping and braising and simmering is so fulfilling – but the biggest reward for me, is when friends and family enjoy my food. And that’s what it should be about, right?

Foodie heroes include: Dad (his food is always best, except for the questionable peanut butter spaghetti incident), Donna Hay (because I’ve never made a recipe of hers that has failed), Jamie Oliver (because he’s always on your side) and Nigella (because chocolate truly does make everything better).

Rudi-RatingThe Rudi-Rating (RR): I have to include this here, as this is how I measure the success of any recipe: how much my husband rates the dish out of ten. Very few receive 10/10 and this is only deserved when the recipe simply cannot be improved upon. So, you can trust that any recipes I may share are tested and tasted.

I am going to aim to post once a week, so please set up an RSS feed or bookmark my page to stay in the loop. I’m excited to do this, I hope you’ll be inspired by anything you come across on my blog and enjoy the journey with me.

Please note all photos are my own, unless otherwise stated, and I’m clearly not a pro…. I simply use the tools at hand: my (or hubby’s) trusty phone.

Stay in touch by commenting, I’d love to hear from you! Until next time… Over and out.


  1. Fantastic!! About time too… All I can say is that EVERYTHING that you’ve made, that I have tasted is always top notch, and some out of this world!! You Rock girl!! Go for it!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. I’ve always thought that you should start a food blog! I’m always in awe of your baked goods! Well done! Count me in as a follower! Yum!

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