Why every room in your home deserves a trophy

There are very few décor items that you can use in your dining room, kitchen, bathroom or dressing room. That could be used to store kitchen utensils, makeup brushes, flower arrangements, fresh fruit or pens. That are not only versatile and durable but also add designer flair to any room.  And that come in the unassuming form of a tarnished old trophy.

Vintage trophies are available in a variety of shapes and sizes making them perfect for a range of uses. Even better is that they can often be found at flea markets and vintage stores for prices far lower than any conventional vase or fruit bowl. Their gorgeous tarnished silver finish with unique patina complements any colour scheme or design preference and almost every one is unique. Until I started collecting them I never realised the incredible variety of shapes and sizes they come in: curved and tall like a vase, shallow and round like a fruit bowl, narrow and deep like a planter. Basically one for every imagined use.

As if they weren’t whimsical enough, the true magic of vintage trophies lies in their inscriptions. Although much of the engraving is often illegible I get incredible delight when I find an interesting inscription. Tennis and squash trophies are commonplace but when you find something like “Best Irish Terrier” or “Best Young Opera Singer” accompanied with a date like 1932 or 1948 and the name of a small English town you have never heard of – how can it not spark a flood of daydreams of the journey this trophy has taken.

A large round trophy makes a gorgeous elegant fruit bowl
A large round trophy makes a striking and elegant fruit bowl
The perfect solution to pen storage in your study
The perfect solution to pen storage in your study

Should you be lucky enough to find one of these treasures here are some of my favourite uses for them around your home:

  • Your traditional tall cup shaped trophy is perfect to use as a vase – filled with white roses, a collection of country flowers or fresh eucalyptus leaves it will look stunning on any dining room or entrance hall table
  • The large round trophies are quite hard to come by so if you ever see one snatch it up. I have seen some large enough to chill a bottle of wine in but these are exceptionally rare and often frightfully expensive. The majority of large trophies are however big enough to use as a fruit bowl and will make your dining room table look like it came off the pages of a magazine.
  • I am always on the lookout for unique ways to store items in my bathroom so that they are pretty enough to display. Cotton wool, ear-buds and bath-salts don’t need to be kept in unsightly plastic containers – a collection of vintage trophies in different sizes can make the most gorgeous and practical storage solution. This works wonders in a guest bathroom as the items are readily accessible and not stuck at the back of a cupboard.
  • Every woman will tell you that organising her dressing table can be a challenging experience. Ensuring that all the items are easily accessible, grouped together but still look presentable can turn into a décor dilemma. Personally my makeup brushes are the one thing I could never find the perfect place for. Now stored in a gorgeous trophy – utter perfection.
  • No pencil case or zip-up bag will ever be as stylish as a trophy on your desk. Practical and elegant.
Eucalyptus leaves are the epitome of simple elegance
Eucalyptus leaves are the epitome of simple elegance

Good luck on your trophy hunting expeditions – let us know if you find any treasures.


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