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Natasha-StormMy name is Natasha Storm: I’m a marketer by day, aspiring home cook by night – and this is my little digital space to share my creations. I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa, and I like to spend my free time creating delicious food  – cooking or baking up a storm (see what I did there?).

Creation doesn’t stop in the kitchen, I love graphic design and all aspects of it. From print design to web, to scrap booking and making homemade gifts – creativity is one of my favourite parts of me, and I’d like to share it with you!


I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and that it inspires your own culinary and creative adventures! Please do stay in touch by commenting, I’d love to hear from you.


Tina-LouiseWhen Natasha asked if I would contribute to Storm Creates I have to admit I did a tiny happy dance in my head. Having had the absolute pleasure of working with her before, I jumped at the chance to share my ever-so- very-unimpressive DIY and décor knowledge. Like Natasha I currently work in marketing and spend my free time dreaming of French armoires, queen anne legs and chippy cabinets. Unfortunately my French shabby chic taste is unsurprisingly not very wallet-friendly. Having purchased our first home – a rather large, rather old and rather intimidating renovation project – 2 years ago, I realised that the only way I would get the look I wanted was if I transformed into a sawdust covered, paint splattered DIY guru. And so I have pinterested, googled and workshopped every waking moment to learn how to paint, embellish, wax, drill and even saw (under the guided supervision of my handy hubby).

I am by no means qualified, professional or even all that skilled on the handywoman front, but I am not short on passion! With a love for all things slightly tarnished, lovingly used and imperfectly perfect I gravitate to anything that resembles vintage. I am, however, not a purist and although I love items with a beautiful story, I am not averse to transforming a mass-produced unoriginal into a wannabe vintage beauty. I believe that when you buy (or make) something for your home all you should care about is whether it makes you happy. So here’s what makes me happy – I hope you love it as much as I do.